Sany SW405K

5 ton Wheel Loader

Rated Load: 5000kg
Rated Power: 195/1800 kW/rpm

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Vantaggi e funzioni

Customized DANA transmission:

The DANA axis-shift transmission with electronic control system is used for automatic shifting, maximum efficiency and 10k-hour service life.

F/R handle and fingertips control realize ease of switch between left and right hands.

Solenoid valve + logic control achieve a much smoother shifting and faster response.

High-pressure load-sensitive hydraulic system:

Perfect match between speed and power, 10%-15% energy saving.

The 25MPa high-pressure hydraulic system and main valve of large displacement achieves higher breakout and lifting force.

Reinforced structural components:

For heavy-duty mining applications with a service life reaching 10k hours.


Dati tecnici

Model DEUTZ TCD7.8L6
Power 170/1800 kW/rpm
Torque 962 ft lbs/1304Nm/1450rpm
No. of cyliners 6
Displacement 7.8L
Bore x Stroke 110mm x 136mm

Hydraulic System:
Hydraulic System Type Load sensing hydraulic system
Pump Implement – Kawasaki Steering – Eaton/Danfoss
Max. flow 81 GPM / 132L/min @ 2200rpm
System pressure 3916 PSI / 27MPa
Cycle time 10.6 s

Gear-shift model Automatic, Manual, KD
Travel speed forward 4.4/8/16/25 mph, reverse 4.4/8/16 mph
Service brakes Wet Disk
Parking brake SAHR Disk Brake

Height to axle centerline 440mm
Centerline of rear axle to edge of counterweight 2330mm
Wheelbase 3200mm
Centerline of rear axle to hitch 1600mm
Shipping length 6862/8142mm
Max. dump height 5441mm
Hinge pin height at max.lift 4133mm
Dump clearance at max.lift 3118mm
The lowest dump to the ground 56mm
Reach at max.lift and 45° discharge 1140mm
Rack back at max.lift 58°
Dump angle at max.lift 45°
Rack back at carry height 51°
Rack back at ground 45°
Tail angle to the rear wheel 27°
Clearance circle to outside of tires 5800mm
Clearance circle to counterweight 5911mm 6456mm
Bucket width 2975mm