Sany HGR36

35.2m Climbing Placing Boom

Max. Placing Radius: 35.2m
Installation Mode: Floor
Standard Pillar: 2×9m/6m

Full-hydraulic control technology adopted for all movements of booms realizes stepless regulation of boom operation

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Dati tecnici

Max. placing radius 35.2 m
Rotation 365°
Working ambient temperature -20℃ ~+50℃
Installation mode Floor
Span between front and rear outriggers /
Power supply 380 V 50 Hz
Motor model Y160L-4 B35 IP54
Power 15 kW
Rotation speed /
System pressure 32 MPa
Hydraulic oil tank capacity /
Control systems Manual/Radio
Pipeline cleaning mode Water/Dry cleaning
Total approx weight 17.2 t
Counterweight No
Boom mode /
Pipeline diameter 125 mm
End hose length 3 m
1st section-Length 9600 mm
1st section-Articulation 92°
2nd section-Length 8465 mm
2nd section-Articulation 180°
3rd section-Length 8480 mm
3rd section-Articulation 241°
4th section-Length 8655 mm
4th section-Articulation 235°
Tower height 20 m
Climbing speed 0.5~0.8 m/min
Climbing mode Cylinder jack-up type
Whether having counter weight No
Boom design 4M