Sant SAC1300S

130t All-terrain Crane

Max Lifting Capacity: 130 t
Max Boom Length: 63m
Overall Weight: 55000 kg

Structure simple
Safe and reliable
Low fault rate.

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Vantaggi e funzioni

Efficient power system

Single-engine power system is adopted for weight reduction of the superstructure power system and enhancement of the load-bearing components; The structure is simple, safe and reliable, with low fault rate.

Excellent lifting performance

7-section telescoping boom with single cylinder pin. The total boom length is 63m, and jib length is 33.5m; Maximum lifting height is 92.5m and maximum working radius is 70m; Maximum lifting torque of basic boom is 4547kN.m.

Mobile and flexible carrier

The crane is 14m long and 2.8m wide; 5-axle all-wheel steering and 8.5m minimum turning radius; With a powerful carrier, the maximum travel speed is 85km/h, and the maximum gradient can reach up to 60%.
Safe control system

Equipped with an anti-tipping warning system; a voice alarm system, High-accuracy, high-stability, high-intelligence load moment limiter system.