Sany SAC3000S

300 ton All-terrain Crane

Max. Lifting Capacity: 300t
Boom Length: 73m
Overall Weight: 72000kg

6-axle chassis design with six driving modes and four braking modes

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Vantaggi e funzioni

Sany SAC3000S all-terrain crane boasts high efficient hydraulic system.The converging flow of the single-action dual-pump ensures fast operation and high work efficiency, while the combined-action dual pump diversion system gives you stable control of the crane.

Powerful Lifting Capacity

The 300 ton all-terrain crane features seven-section boom made from strengthened steel and optimized U-shaped section with maximum boom length of 80m and fixed jib of 42m, which translates to a maximum lifting height of 112m and maximum working radius of 80m.

The 0°-40° automatic infinite variable luffing jib allows you to easily switch among all operations.

Excellent Traveling Performance

The innovative 6-axle chassis design with six driving modes and four braking modes provides reliable travelling ability.

The all-terrain crane adopts tipping over early-warning technology to guarantee high stability and safety.

Intelligent Electronic Control

The advanced distributed integration bus data communication network and the sensors on the control system provide real-time feedback and data analysis, making you informed of the crane’s situation all the time. The human-computer interaction interface makes it simpler to interact with the crane and allows safer operation.

More Safe Devices

Hydraulic system is configured with the balance valve, overflow valve and two-way hydraulic lock etc., ensuring stable and reliable operation;

Main and auxiliary winches are configured with 3-wraps protectors to prevent over roll-out of the wire rope;

Boom and jib are configured with height limiters at ends to prevent over-hoist of the wire rope.