Sany SAC4500S

450t All-terrain Crane

Max Lifting Capacity: 450t
Max Boom Length: 84m
Max Lifting Height: 138m

Six axles
Self-disassembly Y-type superlift device

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Vantaggi e funzioni

Strong lifting performance

Equipped with Y-type super-lift device, the lifting performance of the long boom section is more than doubled; Special jib for wind power is provided to fully cover overhaul of 1.5MW fan and components of 2.0MW fan.

Excellent traveling performance

Innovative six-axle chassis, all-wheel steering, four-axle driving, multiple steering and driving modes, with super traveling adaptability.

Reliable efficiency

New fixed-length tensioning control technology, one-key automatic tensioning and retraction/extension superlift, improve operation efficiency by 20%, and lifting performance of the middle and long boom sections by 5% ~ 10%.

GCP system

It’s the first equipment remote monitoring and management system in China, providing powerful functions of collecting equipment operating conditions and operating parameters, which can implement remote fault diagnosis and management.

Dati tecnici

Max. lifting capacity 450t
Overall length 19,420mm
Overall width 3,000mm
Overall height 4,000mm
Axle distance-1,2 1,650mm
Axle distance-2,3 3,370mm
Axle distance-3,4 1,650mm
Axle distance -4, 5 2,440mm
Axle distance -5, 6 1,650mm
Overall weight 78,000 kg
Rated power 480 kW/1,800rpm
Rated torque 2,900 N.m/1,300 rpm
Rated power-superstructure 205 kW/2,200rpm
Rated torque-superstructure 1,100 N.m/ 1,400 rpm
Emission standard Euro V (carrier)
Max. traveling speed 70km/h
Min.turning radius 12.5m
Min. ground clearance 300mm
Approach angle 16°
Departure angle 11°
Max. gradeability 45.0%
Temperature range – 25 ° ~ + 45 °
Min.lifting radius 3m
Boom section 7
Boom shape U-shape
Length-Base boom 16.1 m
Length-Full-extend boom 84m
Length-Full-extend boom+jib 125m
Outrigger span(Longitudinal/Transversal) 9.4 × 9.6 m
Jib offset 0°, 20°, 40°
Max. single rope lifting speed of main winch(no load) 130 m/min
Full extend/retract time of boom 1,050/1,050 s
Full raise/lower time of boom 95/95 s
Swing speed 1.2 r/min
Aircondition Heating and cooling