Sany SRC1200

120 t Rough Terrain Crane

Max Lifting Capacity: 120 t
Max Boom Length: 49.7m
Overall Weight: 77016kg

5-Section U-shaped boom adopts high strength structural steel

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Vantaggi e funzioni

Strong and Reliable Boom

Five sections, U-type boom. Max. boom length is 49m and Max. boom length plus jib is 67m; The maximum lifting torque is 3658KN.m, featuring excellent lifting capacity; The utilization of double-cylinder wire rope telescoping mechanism provides higher efficiency and reliability.

Super-long and Practical Jib

With jib extending cylinder, the installation of the jib is easy and convenient; The jib can realize elevation angles of 0°, 20°and 40°for lifting.

Accurate and Efficient Electro-hydraulic System

The configuration of load sensitive variable piston pump and electronic proportional control valve adjusts pump displacement automatically, ensuring stable and accurate control of single movement and combined movement and reducing energy loss significantly; Full color extra-large screen, electric proportional control handle, makes human-machine interaction more comfortable; The retraction and extension of outrigger are operational for both the superstructure and carrier, practical and convenient.

Compact and Flexible Carrier

Engine: inline six-cylinder diesel engine with maximum power of 242kw/2100r/min; Crane axles: imported axle, efficient and reliable; Brake system: Independent front and rear axle circuit brake. All four wheels are configured with disc brake, which greatly enhances safety and stability ; Steering: 4 steering modes; Maximum gradient: 81% (theoretical value).

Dati tecnici

Max. lifting capacity 120t

Overall length 16516mm
Overall width 3800mm
Overall height 3960mm
Axle distance 4840mm

Overall weight 77016kg
Front axle load 38201kg
Rear axle load 38815kg

Model Cummins
Rated power 242kw/2100rpm
Rated torque 1385 N.m/1500rpm
Emission standard Stage 3A standard

Max. traveling speed 26km/h
Min.turning radius 14.5/9.7m
Min. ground clearance 510mm
Approach angle 18°
Departure angle 15°
Max. gradeability 70%

Main Performance:
Temperature range -20°-46°
Boom section 5
Boom shape U-shaped
Max. lifting moment-Base boom 3658kN.m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom 1900kN.m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom+jib 1492kN.m
Length-Base boom 13m
Length-Full-extend boom 49.7m
Length-Full-extend boom+jib 67.4m
Outrigger span(Longitudinal/Transversal) 8.54/8.52m
Jib offset 0°20°40°

Working Speed:
Max. single rope lifting speed of main winch(no load) 140m/min
Max. single rope lifting speed of auxiliary winch(no load) 140m/min
Full extend/retract time of boom 135/175s
Full raise/lower time of boom 67/110s
Swing speed 1.78r/min