Sany STC900T

90 ton Truck Crane

Max Lifting Capacity: 90 t
Max Boom Length: 50m
Overall Weight: 50000kg

50m full extended main boom
Superior lifting capacity

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Vantaggi e funzioni

Sany STC900T truck crane is designed with five-section boom that is made of high strength steel structure and optimized U-shaped cross section. Its maximum lifting capacity is 90 ton, full-extended boom length of 50m.

Superior lifting capacity

Five section, U Shaped main boom, the length of full extended main boom is 50 meters long, the longest in the industry. The longitudinal span is 8m with 16.1t full counterweight, the lifting capacity is leading the industry over 15%.

High bearing capacity of chassis

Brand new chassis with 2.8m width, the frame with rectangular cross section is more higher and wider, The lifting capacity of anti-torsional and anti-bending have been achieved comprehensive enhancement.

Electro-hydraulic proportional hydraulic system

Lifting energy saving capacity would be increase 15% by using electric control system than hydraulic control system, the heave load working efficiency would be increase 30%. The composite operation would be more coordinately and smoothly by using intelligent flow compensation and the utilization of flow would be increase 20%.

Humanized control system

New humanized design with handrail and ladder, the widened operation cab can move upward from 0 to 20 degree with new inner design, new air supply design of three dimensional air condition provides more comfortable and more wider working environment.

Dati tecnici

Max. lifting capacity 90t

Overall length 15290mm
Overall width 2800mm
Overall height 3880mm
Axle distance-1,2 1520mm
Axle distance-2,3 4305mm
Axle distance-3,4 1500mm
Axle distance -4, 5 2420mm

Overall weight 50000Kg
Front axle load 24000Kg
Rear axle load 26000Kg

Model Cummins
Rated power 275kw/2100rpm
Rated torque 1550N.m/1100-1400rpm
Emission standard Euro Ⅲ standards

Max. traveling speed 85km/h
Min.turning radius 12m
Min.turning radius of boom head 15.2m
Approach angle ≥18º
Departure angle ≥14º
Max. gradeability ≥40%
Fuel consumption per 100km ≤50 L

Main Performance:
Tail swing radius of superstructure 4.385m
Boom section 5
Boom shape U-shaped
Max. lifting moment-Base boom 3293kN.m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom 1803kN.m
Max. lifting moment-Full-extend boom+jib 993kN.m
Length-Base boom 12.96m
Length-Full-extend boom 50m
Length-Full-extend boom+jib 67.5m
Outrigger span(Longitudinal/Transversal) 6.43×8m
Jib offset 0°15°30°

Working Speed:
Max. single rope lifting speed of main winch(no load) 130m/min
Max. single rope lifting speed of auxiliary winch(no load) 130m/min
Full extend/retract time of boom 140s/170s
Full raise/lower time of boom 70s/90s
Swing speed 0~1.8 r/min